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Milan Orlovský and Michal Hesek discussed the KOOR ESG SICAV fund and the KOOR company in the Invest Portal podcast.

KOOR in the fund


The owners of KOOR transferred their business shares to the sub-fund, which proves that they believe in the success of this project. The last phase of the project, fundraising from investors, was launched.

KOOR won a silver medal in the ESG rating


KOOR received a silver medal in the ESG rating conducted by EcoVadis. The company is thereby among the 25 percent of the best rated companies in the world in the sector.

KOOR has established a SICAV fund, giving investors the opportunity


KOOR has created a new transparent platform for raising financial resources from investors. The company established a SICAV fund called KOOR ESG SICAV a.s. and sub-fund KOOR ESG Sub-fund whose priority is to invest in the company KOOR.

Elementary school with kindergarten Kozárovce

New project

In August 2022, KOOR concluded a contract for the construction of a new boiler room with the Primary and Kindergarten in Kozárovcie. As part of the project, a new heating source will be built, which will replace the original, extremely outdated solid fuel – coke boiler with a modern and efficient gas boiler. During the implementation, the heating distribution systems and heating elements in the total number of 275 pieces will also be replaced. The project is implemented within the framework of guaranteed energy savings with a contractual duration of 15 years, the municipality will repay part of the project implementation costs from future savings.

Slovak Radio building, Bratislava

New project

At the beginning of August 2022, KOOR concluded a contract with RTVS for the reconstruction of the lighting of the SRo building on Mýtná Street in Bratislava. Part of the project will be the replacement of more than 14,000 lamps, including wiring, new cooling, photovoltaics and an intelligent measurement and regulation system will be installed. RTVS will get a guarantee for the functionality of all implemented parts for 15 years, while we guarantee that the savings achieved will be higher than the price for this service. The project is implemented as a guaranteed energy service (GES) with an agreed duration of 15 years and investment costs of 7 million euros.

Tatravagónka a.s., Poprad

New project

​​​​​​​​In March 2022, we started working on the implementation of the heat production decentralization project in the Poprad operation of Tatravagónka a.s. . The project is divided into several smaller implementation projects: construction part, heating and water distribution, gas installation, electrical installation and measurement-regulation. In total, we will build 10 heat sources with medium-pressure and low-pressure gas distribution systems with a total output of 2800 kW. As part of the existing gas distribution infrastructure, medium-pressure external distributions and internal gas distributions will be completed in 9 halls intended for gas infrared heaters along with electrical installation. These infrared emitters, totaling 215 pieces, will be installed during continuous operation at a height of 5 to 12 meters. As part of the implementation, a new recuperation unit will be installed, which, thanks to two compressors with a cumulative output of 1350 kW, will recover the heat obtained and this will be further used for heating and hot water heating. To ensure the fastest and most efficient operation possible, an optical network with a total length of 7 km will be installed between individual heat sources. Thanks to this, smart metering and the connection of all resources within the central dispatching will be seamless. Along with remote readings and status monitoring, all heat sources will be able to be managed and controlled remotely.

Funds from the European Union will be provided to the customer for the completed work, therefore the implementation of the work is time-consuming due to change procedures compared to the project for a building permit. The completion of the project is planned for March 2023.

ÚVTOS Sabinov – 1st phase of the project completed

New project

In the first phase of the project, we successfully completed a complete renovation, in which we replaced the original outdated lighting with new LED technology. As part of the implementation of this phase, the lighting in 10 objects was reconstructed, the area lighting and the lighting of the security zone were completely reconstructed. In total, we installed 868 light points and 11 types of lamps from five different manufacturers were used. The saving of the solution after the first phase of the project is 55% compared to the previous state.​​​​​​​​

ŽSR, Zvolen area

New project

In mid-June 2022, KOOR concluded a concession contract with ŽSR, the subject of which is the modernization of 10 heat sources in the Zvolen location. It is about the modernization of boiler rooms in the scope according to the needs of the railway station: replacement of boilers, installation of photovoltaics, heat pump. KOOR takes over these devices. The contract is concluded for 15 years.

Nový Ružinov project

New project

KOOR, as an investor and implementer of the project in the heat management part, started in February 2021 with construction work on the construction of three heat transfer stations (OST) together with the installation of photovoltaic panels at each station. The thermal management system built by KOOR will ensure continuous access to heat and hot water for 7 apartment buildings.

Another interesting feature of the project is the use of pre-insulated pipes with a diffusion barrier from the company NRG Flex in a total length of 762 meters. The first two OST stations have already been built to date, while OST 1 is already fully functional with installed photovoltaics. The second station will be completed and put into operation at the end of 2021. The start of construction of the third station is scheduled for June 2022.

As part of the Nový Ružinov project, a 15-year supply of heat has been agreed, and the total amount of the investment is more than 300,000 euros.

Apartment buildings - Poprad, Veľká

New project

In November of this year, the KOOR company started the implementation of a complete heating system for 3 apartment buildings in Poprad, part of Veľká. As part of the implementation, a central boiler room will be built during December and January 2021, together with a connecting heat pipe and a gas regulation station. At the end of January 2022, the entire system should be running and heating all three apartment buildings. The project was implemented in the form of a guaranteed energy service with an agreed duration of 15 years with investment costs of more than 100 thousand euros.

Panorama Residence project

New project

As part of the Panorama Residence apartment building project in the city of Poprad, the KOOR company implemented the construction of a modern boiler house and gas regulation station. The construction was completed in February 2021, and then the sale of the boiler house and the signing of a contract for the management of this boiler house were proceeded with. Investment costs amounted to more than 80 thousand euros.

Apartment buildings - Trnkov

New project

During the fall of 2020, the KOOR company laid a connecting heat pipe as part of the construction project for heat management components for 4 apartment buildings in Trnkov. Subsequently, between May and November of this year, it built a central boiler room, three associated engine rooms and a gas regulation station. The project was handled in the form of a guaranteed energy service (GES) with a signed contractual duration of 15 years, the total investment amounted to more than 150 thousand euros.

Apartment building - Košická 52

New project

At the beginning of November 2021, KOOR took part in the modernization of the building at Košická 52. It is an apartment building that is undergoing complete renovation. In this project, the KOOR company will dismantle the original outdated and inefficient boiler house and in its place will build a brand new modern gas boiler house with a total output of 750 kW together with the installation of photovoltaic panels with an output of 6 kWp.

The total investment in the renovation of the energy management of the building is in the amount of more than 200 thousand euros, and the client concluded a contract with KOOR for the supply of heat for a period of 15 years.

JL Arena - Liptovský Mikuláš

New project

At the beginning of May 2021, the cooperation between KOOR and JL Aréna began. The main reason was the efficiency of the energy management of the entire JL Arena area, which includes the buildings of the City Winter Stadium, TIMEOUT City Hotel, the training hall and especially the engine room of the cooling equipment and the gas boiler room. After a detailed inspection of the premises and evaluation of the current state, the technical department of the KOOR company proposed a technical solution, which will be implemented in two stages.

The first stage of the project consists of the design of the implementation – the installation of photovoltaic equipment on the roof of the training hall. The anticipated construction date of the launch is December 2021 to January 2022.

The second stage consists of the modernization of the existing gas boiler room. Since the heating season is currently underway, this intention can only be realized after its end. The contract has already been signed, engineering will begin in early 2022, followed by the construction of the boiler house and its commissioning in early summer 2022.

Agrokarpaty Plavnica

New project

At the beginning of November 2021, KOOR concluded a contract with the largest grower of medicinal plants and producer of organic teas in Slovakia, AGROKARPATY Plavnica. As part of the cooperation, we were asked to assess, solve and streamline the energy-intensive process of drying herbs and fruits.

After mutual consultation, we proposed a completely different modern drying method for the client using universal container dryers with automatic GSM control. With such a solution, we not only increased the comfort of work for the client by 100% (it is fully automatic), but also saved him at least 79% of electricity consumption, which represents at least 107.4 MWh / year and at least two workers.

The entire investment will be repaid over 8 years and only from savings. For the first time, different raw materials will be dried simultaneously in new dryers already next season, i.e. in May 2022.

Institute for detention and imprisonment in Sabinov

New project

In October 2021, after a successful competition for the restoration of the infrastructure in the building of the Institution for Detention and Imprisonment (ÚVV) in Sabinov, we concluded an implementation contract with the Corps of Prison and Judicial Guards. It was an interesting project formed by a combination of the Guaranteed Energy Service and investment by the recipient of the service, i.e. ÚVV.

The subject of the competition was the reconstruction of the boiler room, indoor heat distribution, hot water preparation, external and internal lighting, construction of a new photovoltaic source and use of well water. From the point of view of implementation, it is a demanding project, especially with regard to the specific regime of this institution. The estimated date of completion of the reconstruction is the summer of next year.

The total amount of guaranteed savings in the next 15 years is at the level of 636,000 euros. The total price for reconstruction, operation and a 15-year guarantee for achieving guaranteed savings, as well as the functionality of the entire solution, is at the level of 600,000 euros. The value of the measures that will be financed from the recipient’s investment resources is a total of 316,000 Euros.

This is one of the few projects in which the tenderer realized and used the possibility of combining his own investment resources and the possibility of reconstruction using the GES method. In doing so, he obtained a reconstruction in the total amount of 952,000 euros, while his own investment resources make up only about a third of the total value of the project, the rest will be paid from savings.

Village Ivanka pri Dunaji

New project

As part of the project to reconstruct and supplement public lighting in the village of Ivanka pri Dunaji, a total of 1,140 light points, 190 new masts, new overhead and ground lines, including optical lines, a camera system connected to a data optical network and electric charging stations for electric bicycles will be installed. The project will also include intelligent management and monitoring of public lighting.

The project is to be completed in April 2023, and for the next 6 years KOOR will expand the lighting system of public lighting in accordance with the signed contract for the work.

Water paradise Vyhne

New project

The Water Paradise in Vyhne is an aqua park connected to a thermal spring through the H1 well. The KOOR company was hired by the municipality of Vyhne, which is the operator of the water park, for assessment – evaluation of the energy-technological equipment from the point of view of the use of the natural source of warm thermal water. At the same time, KOOR took over the guarantee of the ongoing water law proceedings and incorporated the requirements of the authorities into the practical draft of the measures. The essence of the water law procedure is to design, project, ensure and implement on the part of the operator in Vodný Raj You avoid all the required flows of measurements and temperatures of thermal water at the entrance and at its exits. The goal is to obtain data for the following proposal for energy optimization of the area as an energy unit.. The collection, transfer and archiving of meter data is ensured through smart meteringeIoT.

The project should be completed in December 2021.

SOŠSaP St. Josaphat in Trebišov

New project

On August 31, 2021, the company KOOR Východ s.r.o. signed as the winner of the public tender, a contract for the provision of comprehensive energy contracting services with the Secondary Vocational School of Services and Industry of St. Jozafát in Trebišov for a period of 15 years. This is already the second project with this partner. The aim of the project is to increase the energy efficiency of the school grounds. These are mostly construction measures (insulation of the facades of two buildings, reconstruction of the roof of one building, reconstruction of the cladding of the production hall, etc.), the implementation of which will achieve the required savings in heat consumption.

The project will also include the installation of photovoltaic panels with a power of 39.7kW and the installation of eIoT devices. By implementing all the planned measures, the entire campus will be included in the group of smart objects, in which the online measurement of electricity and heat consumption will take place and the conditions will be created for their long-term reduction. All works are expected to be completed in May 2022.

Village Hamuliakovo

New project

In August, the company KOOR handed over a project in the village of Hamuliakovo. As part of it, KOOR implemented the reconstruction and addition of public lighting. A total of 225 light points and 4 new masts were placed. The project also includes intelligent management and monitoring of public lighting.

Village Šemša

New project

In the village of Šemša near Košice, the project of reconstruction and addition of public lighting and lighting of the multifunctional sports field is currently underway. The KOOR company placed a total of 156 light points, 33 new masts, and new overhead and ground lines were partially added. The project also includes intelligent management and monitoring of public lighting.

TKB Poprad

New project

From May 1 of this year, the company KOOR Východ took over the management of external energy equipment in the area belonging to the company TKB Poprad. The boiler house and transformer station will be managed by KOOR Východ until the end of August 2021. In parallel with this service, KOOR Východ will build a new boiler house for the client, which will be put into operation from September. KOOR Východ is contracted to supply heat and hot water for the next 20 years. The construction of the boiler house will be followed by the reconstruction of the substation and the installation of cooling.

LB Slovakia Plastics

New project

The KOOR company signed an Agreement with LB Slovakia Plastics on the provision of a comprehensive energy contracting service with guaranteed energy savings. The subject of the contract is the installation of a photovoltaic power plant with an installed capacity of 500 kWp, battery storage, smart metering and dispatching. The installation of the new technology will ensure the saving of electrical energy in the amount of approximately 550 MWh per year, which will reduce CO2 production by approximately 165 tons per year. The project should be implemented in autumn 2021.

VŠC Dukla Banská Bystrica


The military sports center Dukla Banská Bystrica will have a new heated lawn at the football stadium. It is part of the athletics stadium, which has been under renovation since last year. The KOOR company designed and supplied the technological part – the heat source for the lawn heating itself. After the “heating” test, the project will be handed over to the customer – VŠC Dukla Banská Bystrica. After the reconstruction is completed in the fall of this year, football will be played in the military sports center in the winter as well. KOOR will take care of the heat source during the term of the contract.